5 Crucial Things to Consider While Building Your Business Website

These days having an online presence is the key to business growth and advancement. Whether you are a freelancer, have a stand alone store, a startup business or a big established business – your success will get limited if your business is not out there on the internet. Apart from having your online presence on different social media platforms, a website becomes a prerequisite for your digital presence. Apart from the usual features of SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, easy navigation and the like – there are some really vital aspects crucial for your website. 

If you’re considering building your business website, you should hire laravel developer without thinking twice. Using Laravel web development for your business websites will cover all the crucial things that you need to consider when you are starting a business website.

1) Website’s Capacity to Handle Traffic:

As you’re planning to build your business website, it surely means that you will be countering customers and visitors. And having a potential to keep growing in the coming days, you’re bound to experience a lot of traffic on your sites along with several requests, orders, messages, and the like. For this your business website needs to be equipped with heavy traffic handling. You should ideally hire laravel developer for this as Laravel offers amazing traffic handling features that can handle a large number of users within no time. This will also ensure that traffic doesn’t make your website lag or hang or become too slow for users to lose interest in your business. As Laravel can assure best loading speed, your website will actually not lose visitors because of this.

2) Authentication and Authorization: 

As you start off your business venture by building your business website, it is crucial to incorporate features of authentication and authorisation in them. Your business is bound to experience a large influx of different varieties of inputs that need to be stored properly. Authentication refers to the process of providing assertions that give access to property and objects to the business owner. If you hire laravel developer, he will build your website in a way where authentication is managed by sessions for getting different kinds of inputs like login details, registration, email, password storing and the like. This is a crucial aspect of website building as it checks the validity of all the credentials that the users enter. Authorization helps to check the permission and rights of different resources. This will help you easily position the authentication file on the configuration path and help you easily check for permissions of the requested resources.

3) Strong Security: 

When you think of building a website it means that you want to upscale your business online and go live on the internet. There is no better way to lure your customers to avail different services and products of your company than by making the website engaging. However to gain the trust of your visitors, security becomes a major concern. If your websites are not secured it can get prone to hacks and software leaks. If you’re a fintech startup or an e-commerce website or a retail business then online transactions will always be a key activity in your website. In times like this, the information of customers needs to be secured properly. If you hire Laravel developer, then he will build your business website with the highly secured Laravel framework that is embedded with all the possible mechanisms of safeguarding and securing the privacy of the data of your customers. The entire code structure ensures that your website is cyber threat proof and is completely secured against the SQL injection of hackers. So, security is definitely one aspect that you have to keep in mind when you think of building a business website. Your customers will also engage with your business more if they know that it is a reliable and risk free platform for them. So, if you are looking to upscale, security should be your major concern that you need to deal with.

4) Good Website Speed: One of the greatest turn offs for any visitor is to find a website that takes years to load. Especially, if one is looking for information on the internet urgently, a slow loading website ensures that the impatient visitor will quit it within seconds. It has been evaluated via statistics that most business websites lose traffic because their website takes more than 5-6 seconds to load. You need to ensure that you offer your visitors a seamless and a smooth experience while they navigate or surf through your website. For this you need to have a website that has a strong framework and supports such a fast speed. If you hire Laravel developer then he’ll ensure that your business website has Laravel as it’s framework that supports caching for the website’s out of the box that can be a.great booster for site speed. No doubt, this will also enhance and make the performance of your website better. As Laravel also uses different types of speed optimization techniques like database indexing and memory use reduction – having a website that is efficient and performance driven even when tackling high volumes of traffic is going to be a boom for your business. If you want other subtle aspects like SEO to work well on your page, you will need to have the best speed for website loading.

5) Scalability and Maintenance: One of the crucial things you will need to keep in mind is the fact that you’re not launching your business website for a few days or months. It has to sustain several years and needs to accommodate your future business goals in it easily. Hence, it is crucial that you think in terms of making your website grow in a sustainable fashion where updates will be easier to incorporate and newer trends can also be easily accommodated within it. If you hire Laravel developer, he will ensure that your website is built on a Laravel framework that is very easy to maintain in future. It can be that a few years down the line you want some new features added to your site or might want to modify some existing features too. Even if you hire a new developer for this job, it will be easier to pick up and start the update. Several amazing features like OOP principles, MCV architecture that separates presentation from logic, and clean code – all allow easy maintenance of business websites along with easy scalability solutions. Hence, before you think of building your website, ensure that you think about your future plans too.

Creating and building a business website from scratch requires a lot of patience and a lot of planning. You have to ensure that every small detail like CTA and CMS are in place and that every visual and content on your pages are optimized. For this, one needs to hire Laravel developer who will help you navigate the best choices for web development for your business website. If you remember all the crucial points and help to convey it to your web developer, your website will be successful and reliable to people, attracting more people and generate more sales. 

10 Best Ways to Make Money with Cryptocurrency for Beginners in 2021

With the growing demand of technology, the world has become more interested in earning money online. In this race, the concept of earning, making money with cryptocurrency has become very famous and everyone is interested in trying their luck to make money with this way.

When you decided to enter in cryptocurrency market the first question that comes to your mind is Can, I make money with cryptocurrency? What is cryptocurrency trading? How to make money with cryptocurrency in 2021? How to buy Bitcoin? Best ways to invest in cryptocurrency?

Although many people succeeded in making money with cryptocurrency in 2017 & 2021 but still cryptocurrency is not an easy business. There are a lot of chances and ways in which you can be scammed by some crypto projects as many projects did exit scam till now. Nowadays investing in cryptocurrencies is becoming very popular and new investors are showing a great deal of interest in this industry and are looking forward to making money with cryptocurrency.

In this article, 10 Best ways will be discussed to make money with cryptocurrency for Beginners in 2021.

 Table of Content

  1. Can you make money with Cryptocurrency?
  2. 10 Best ways to make money with cryptocurrency for beginners in 2021
  3. Conclusion

Can you make money with Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency trading and some other ways can make huge profits, but it is also a risky task to do. If you are investing in the cryptocurrency market you must keep in mind that you can face hardships. So, one must have the patience to work under stress to make money with cryptocurrency.

Late exploration by investment firm a16z shows that the crypto space develops in cycles. A cycle for the most part begins with an expansion in expenses of the crypto assets, driving social and conventional media buzz. The inclusion and fervor carry more individuals into space, providing new code, thoughts and making new tasks. This ultimately begins the following cycle.

Crypto cycles have peaked the years in 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2021. Crypto has seen the greatest peak in these years despite price falls. The pinnacle of the following cycle is probably going to agree with new mechanical leap forwards and rising crypto values. The pinnacle of the following cycle is probably going to agree with new mechanical leap forwards and rising crypto values.

There are several ways through which you can make money with cryptocurrency and generate a passive income. But it requires intensive knowledge and strategies to succeed in this field.

10 Best ways to make money with Cryptocurrency for beginners in 2021

There are several ways in crypto market that can be effective or profitable for beginners because they find it difficult to make money with cryptocurrency as most of them don’t know the right method and strategy that suit them the best. I will explore profitable ways for beginners to make money with crypto. Below are listed the top 10 methods to do so:

1. Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is a procedure that includes you to solve a computational challenge in order to generate new bitcoins. Bitcoin mining is necessary to maintain the ledger of transactions on which bitcoin is built. Mining has been extremely developed and polished throughout time as a result of the employment of advanced machinery that speeds up the process. Bitcoin mining offers a lot of opportunities in terms of assisting you in making money with cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new currencies and putting them into circulation. Bitcoin mining is a challenging procedure, but it may be rewarding if performed correctly.

Bitcoin mining is carried out using computers, but it still demands the use of highly specialized hardware and software. Because this operation demands a large amount of electricity, it is frequently carried out in locations where electricity is freely available. It must be carried out using modern computers capable of solving complex computational math problems quickly. Professional miners accomplish their tasks flawlessly, leaving small miners perplexed. Before you begin mining, you need research and educate yourself with the entire mining techniques and equipment. It is not a wise decision to rely on mining apps in the hopes of making a lot of money. You can utilize Bitcoin Pool to boost your efficiency by paying a fee.


  • It is a secure method for transactions
  • It is the most profitable way to make money with cryptocurrency


  • The investments are high in Bitcoin Mining
  • There are more competitors in mining
  • It requires lot of electricity
  • The investments are high in Bitcoin Mining
  • There are more competitors in mining
  • It requires lot of electricity

2. Staking Cryptos

Staking cryptos is another ideal way to make money using cryptocurrencies. Staking cryptocurrency is done by keeping and securing coins in a crypto wallet. The cryptos you have in your wallet can be used to gain rewards. You can earn a percentage-rate reward on these coins by staking your investments. Blockchain puts your staked coins on work which makes them earn rewards for you. Trust Wallet is an option where you can stake your coins straight from the crypto wallet. Also now exchanges allow staking like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, CoinList, Kucoin, BitMax and many more exchanges. By staking some cryptocurrencies you can earn upto 70%-95% annual reward. For instance, PancakeSwap (CAKE) staking can give you 70% APY and Hydra (HYDRA) staking can provide you 90% APR.

Cold staking is also another process opted by investors to earn money with cryptocurrency. This process allows the investor to stake the coins in a wallet that has no connection with the internet. Some of the coins you can stake include Tether, NEO and Stellar (XLM).


  • Staking is very simple and effortless.
  • It helps to earn massive income.
  • It has very low risk factors


  • The investment and deposit for the staking are sometime unaffordable for the average investor.

3. Long Term Investment

Long-term holding is a technique that can be beneficial to bitcoin investors. Investors who use the long-term hold strategy invest or buy for the long term. Investors in this method do not plan to sell a stock for a long length of time and instead plan to retain it for years. Long-term investors focus their efforts on the fundamental research of the coins in which they have an interest. Fundamental market analysis is concerned with value creation, asset reputation, market expansion, and asset genuine value.

Many people earned massive profit from Bitcoin, because they bought Bitcoin in 2012 to 2016 when Bitcoin price was $2 to $1,000, and they held these coins for several years. In 2021, price of bitcoin had raised to 64,800 USD and investors who invested early made a huge profit. Also, some altcoins made huge gains, following five coins have earned massive profit. Cardano currently trading at 545x profit from its ICO Price, DREP trading at 494x, Axie Infinity is trading at 430x, Matic Network is trading at 399.24x, Cocos BCX is trading at 315.17x, Flow at 236x and NEO at 232.6x.

  • It gives your money more time to grow
  • It can give you huge gains like 100X to 200X
  • Investors are required to select the coins one time rather than keeping an eye on the market every day


  • It requires a long time to earn money with this method rather than the other strategies

4. Day Trading

If you want to make money with cryptocurrencies, day trading is also a feasible alternative. Day trading is a type of investing in which investors acquire and sell coins in a single day rather than waiting months or years for interest to occur. This technique is more well-known in the Forex and stock markets.

To be effective and productive in day trading, you must be very professional and diligent. Day traders are usually well-educated and well-funded individuals. A day trader’s ability to research and understand markets requires sufficient technical knowledge and skills. Crypto is a volatile market where the prices keep on fluctuating so day traders must pay special attention to the details.  To make exact predictions about the increases and decreases of the prices, a day trader is required to analyze market charts to track the performance of listed assets. Binance, Coinbase and Kucoin are most popular exchanges for day traders.

Day traders usually use following strategies

  • Scalping
  • Range trading
  • News based trading
  • High frequency trading

Among investors, news-based trading is the most useful approach. If a trader wants to make money with cryptocurrency and not just do it as a pastime, he need have a thorough understanding of the market.


  • Day trading is a quick method in which you don’t have to wait for years to earn
  • The market is transparent so it is easy to choose your trading options


  • Crypto is a24/7 market but there are only fewer hours you can find suitable trade
  • If you are not expert in day trading, you can’t make money with this method

5. Cloud Mining

Cloud mining is a method for investors to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum without having to purchase and run the hardware and software themselves. Investors in cloud mining companies can participate in the bitcoin mining process from faraway. To begin cloud mining, simply log into your account using your laptop, phone, or other device. After that you just have to click on mining and the work will start. For example, Genesis Mining- Largest cloud Bitcoin company allows anyone to open account, purchase desired package and start mining.

Two types of cloud mining are hosted mining and leased hash power. Hosted mining, in which miners retain control of their cryptocurrency, is the most popular approach among investors. The hardware is purchased by the consumer, and he is responsible for its upkeep.

Leased hash power is common for altcoins where the person opens his account with the cloud mining company and select contract period and hashing power via its website. No doubt cloud mining is a very effective process to make money with cryptocurrency and has a lot of advantages, but also has a few disadvantages.


  • It is not compulsory to have technical knowledge and training.
  • You do not have to invest on buying hardware or other stuff


  • Earnings with cloud mining is not very high
  • There are more chances of scam in cloud mining

6. Lending to margin traders

Lending to margin traders is a novel technique to profit from bitcoin. Margin trading is a type of trading that involves borrowing money to trade with. Because the crypto market fluctuates, lending to margin traders is a tremendously rewarding but dangerous strategy. Here you do not have to scare of the borrower running away with your money because exchange/platform does not allow the borrower to cash it out.

It is helpful in increasing the investment exposure. You can easily lend your cryptos on exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, CoinDCX and others. To lower the risk, one should lend cryptocurrencies on more than one exchanges so that if any exchange gets hacked funds can be lost.


  • It allows you to earn rewards without any effort


  • Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is that you’ll be at high risk of losing all your funds if the exchange closes down or if they run away with your funds.

7. Yield Farming:

Yield Farming, like many of the other approaches listed above, has its own niche where you can make money with cryptocurrency. Yield farming is a method of lending crypto assets with the goal of receiving a large payoff in the form of additional cryptocurrency. It is a really unique and imaginative process, but it is also, to some extent, perilous and dangerous.

To put it plainly, yield farming Protocols boost liquidity providers (LP) to stake or secure their crypto resources in a liquidity pool that depends on a smart contract-based liquidity pool.  These profits are displayed as a yearly rate yield (APY). As more financial backers add assets to the connected liquidity pool, the worth of the returns ascend in value. Liquidity providers in most yield farming protocols are rewarded with the governance tokens which are usually eligible to be traded on both centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges such as Binance and Uniswap respectively. Seven most popular yield farming protocols are Compound, MakerDAO, AAVE, Uniswap, Balancer, Synthetix and Yearn Finance.


  • The profit earned by yield farming are much higher that cannot be compared with others
  • It requires complex strategies due to which it not very common among other investors


  • Yield farming can sometimes be astonishingly difficult and can be proved to be a financial risk for both borrowers and lenders.
  • Yield farming is somehow complex for the new comers

8. Run cryptocurrency Master Nodes

Master nodes are full nodes that reward node operators for performing the blockchain’s core consensus operations. A master node is a controlling component in some cryptocurrency networks, and it requires an introductory collateral of tokens (or a “stake”) to operate. A master node is more than just a node; it also serves as a casting node for recommendations for improving the Dash system. It also creates instant transactions, known as “InstantSend. It performs a function of “PrivateSend” in which the fact that you have sent money is kept confidential. The concept of running bitcoin master nodes is complex, yet it is a preferred way to earn money with cryptocurrencies. The master node serves as a digital wallet that keeps track of Blockchain transactions. Node operators keep track of coins in exchange for a fee that many cryptocurrencies pay them. Crypto firms are increasingly outsourced master node operator assistance for a fee. The particular reason for circumstance the cycle is complicated, one must have a minimum number of coins under their master nodes. Dash, a fork of Bitcoin, was the first virtual currency to adopt the master node model.


  • Passive income can be easily generated
  • Master nodes provide easy access to new coins


  • It is a time taking and complex process to run a master node

9. Earn Interest

Another common way of generating money with cryptocurrency is to earn interest on it. In theory, a cryptocurrency interest-earning account functions similarly to a traditional savings account. You can deposit your Bitcoin or altcoin with no lockup period or deposit limits, earn compound interest on your asset, and get payouts and withdraw your assets at any moment. The best platforms to earn interest on your crypto assets are following:

  • BlockFi- With a BlockFi Interest Account (BIA), your cryptocurrency can earn up to 7.5% per annum
  • Nexo- Unlock the power of your crypto, earn up to 12% interest paid out daily
  • Crypto. Com- Earn up to 8.5% on your crypto and up to 14% per annum (p.a) for stablecoins
  • Celsius Network- The first and only platform that earns you up to 17% yield on your crypto, rewards you every week and lets you borrow cash at the lowest rates.


  • High interests/Bonus Rates
  • Daily/weekly payouts
  • Secure


  • Slow support
  • Must pass KYC to earn interest
  • Country restrictions

10. Join Airdrops

Joining airdrops is also a proven method to make money with cryptocurrency. It is a kind of marketing stunt in which the coins or tokens are sent to participants/lucky winners wallet addresses. These tokens are distributed by the team to spread the awareness of their cryptocurrency.

The most famous airdrop in crypto happened in Sep 2020 as Uniswap offered 400 UNI that were claimable by each address that had ever called the Uniswap v1 or v2 contracts. This includes ~12,000 addresses that have only ever submitted failed transactions. This airdrop now worth $8,800 as of today’s (01 August 2021) price of $22. The best websites/Telegram Channels to find airdrops are following:

  • Coinmarketcap
  • Airdrops. io
  • Airdropalert
  • Bsc News
  •  Airdrop Ninja


  • Free money for the users
  • You can make money without any investment 


  • Airdrops can be scam sometimes


So that is all you need to know if you want to make money with cryptocurrency. It is not something complex for the beginners as well to start investing in cryptocurrency, but you need to be very careful so that you do not fall for any scam. Above mentioned methods are the easiest methods to follow for the beginners to start their crypto journey and make money with crypto. These methods provide the opportunity of learning and earning at the same time. You can make money with cryptocurrency as a beginner and can be successful as well.